sawblade ranch - chico, texas

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the sawblade ranch

As part of our intense trophy whitetail management program, Sawblade Ranch has acquired some of the top whitetail genetics within the industry to help boost our pasture herd, as well as our breeding herd. Since 2000, Sawblade Ranch has been collecting some of the finest whitetail genetics available in the country. All breeder bucks at Sawblade Ranch are scored well over 300 + B&C.

Taking our program to the next level, Sawblade Ranch has been implementing artifical insemination within our whitetail program since 2000. This helps us to insure our whitetail breeding stock are exposed to the top genetics within the industry, including 300 - 400+ B&C class genetics.

Sawblade Ranch has been selling approximately 30 hunts for the past 10 years, and the average buck taken the last four years has averaged 203 B&C. Sawblade Ranch has provided very successful hunts with lots of satisfied customers.

We have breeding stock and stocker bucks for sale!